About the Airline

AeroFarallones was founded in 2017 by a group of virtual aviation colleagues. AeroFarallones is a virtual airline that focuses on the operation of regional, national and international flights, giving them the same importance. As the name implies, we embody the spirit of the mountain, of the pre-Columbian ancestor who saw in nature a way of life. We want, now, to return to the field through the medium of aviation and fly through the world in the way that technology now allows.

We are not affiliated with any entity, nor with real aviation, political, or religious. We operate through third-party software that connects with the supported flight simulators and, simultaneously, with IVAO network, which certifies us to operate in a standardized manner and authorizes us to use all the tools it offers to the virtual airlines. Our location in the network is in the North American division and we operate to different destinations in Colombia, Latin America, North America and Europe.

Within the framework of the strategies that organizations use against competition, in this case, other vitual airlines, we are governed by differentiation and a defensive strategy. We think we can compete against the other virtual airlines making unique experiences, optimal and organized systems, and environments worthy of a group of friends and colleagues where everyone is important to the organization; always having high our principles, among which stands out a high social capital, an institutional identity and a matrix organizational structure where all members can be part of all instances within the airline.