Alexander Valderrama

CEO, President and Founder

A native of Puerto Leguizamo, he currently lives in Cali. As a Pharmaceutical Chemist, he is Regent of Pharmacy USC, Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology USC, Technical Expert in Pharmaceutical Normativity of Santiago de Cali University. He is currently director of a pharmaceutical service in Comfandi Valle del Cauca and a student of Industrial Engineering at the ICESI University.

  • IVAO VID: 358880
  • Range: PP
  • Favorite Plane: ATR 42

Jose Cuervo

Vice-President and Webmaster

At the age of 17, he is a native of Puerto Leguizamo, Putumayo, but currently lives in Pereira. He did his bachelorship at the Colegio Cooperativo de Pereira and plans to study Medicine. As Vice President, you must support the decisions of the President and CEO, as well as making decisions in the absence of the latter.

  • IVAO VID: 418099
  • Range: FS3
  • Favorite Plane: Boeing 777

Andrés Hincapié

Training Director

He is a student of PCA (Commercial Pilot) in the Academia Antioqueña of Aviation and Journalism in the polytene Grancolombiano. He is passionate about cycling, photography, spotting and airplanes, clearly. With his knowledge he instructs the pilots of AeroFarallones so that every day they acquire new knowledge and fly higher.

  • IVAO VID: 384920
  • Range: PP
  • Favorite Plane: Cessna 402B

Martín Sierra

Operations Director and Webmaster

He is 18 years old, he is a native of Bucaramanga but currently lives in Bogota. He studied his bachelorship at the San Pedro Claver School in Bucaramanga and is currently studying Civil and Industrial Engineering at the Universidad de los Andes. He is one of the founders of AeroFarallones, developer of this website and the director of operations.

  • IVAO VID: 504951

  • Range: FS3

  • Favorite Plane: Airbus A320


Routes Director

Daniel Avendaño

Tours and Events Director

It is 16 years old. He lives in Bucaramanga and is a student of Bachelor of the Colegio San Pedro Claver of the same city. Future student of PCA (commercial pilot). He has Colombian typical musical tastes that include vallenato, in fact, plays with property the accordion. As Director of events and Tours, it is responsible for organising the important events of the airline, as well as anniversary commemorations or special dates.

  • IVAO VID: 501617
  • Range: FS3
  • Favorite Plane: Boeing 737

Andrés Rodríguez

Director of Public Relations

Resident of Palmira and with 23 years old, he is a student of Agricultural Engineering of the National University of Colombia Palmira Headquarters. He studied his bachelorship at I.E.T.I. Humberto Raffo Rivera from Palmira. He is currently DJ Resident of Maria Parranda and Fresa Salvaje. As Director of Public Relations, he watches over the good name of AeroFarallones before the different instances of IVAO and in certain situations that merit the intervention of the staff.

  • IVAO VID: 502198

  • Range: FS3

  • Favorite Plane: Boeing 787